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I believe…

Newborn baby

…That capturing your family's photographic heritage with quality images and materials will last an age.

Newborn baby

…In capturing emotions in my images and making my clients smile.

Newborn baby

…That life should only be lived in laughter and of course be shared.

Newborn baby

…Everyone should decorate their walls and fill album pages with photographs, not store JPGs in a computer.

Newborn baby

…That children are at their best when they're being carefree and full of zest.

Newborn baby

…The best thing about a picture is that it never changes… Even when the people in it change.

Newborn baby

…In photographing babies in a natural way that allows them to shine in the moment.

Newborn baby

…That one spectacular image is worth more than one hundred images that are just okay.

Newborn baby

…In love at first sight!

Newborn baby

…In beautiful soft light and natural posing.

Newborn baby

…That simplicity is almost always the way to go.

Newborn baby

…In elegance, style and little bit of "je ne sais quoi”!

I just love to photograph newborn babies.
It can be quite challenging, but the rewards are breathtaking.
Your baby will never be that tiny, that curly or that sleepy ever again.
The newborn moment is gone in a matter of days, and though it hardly seems possible that you could forget, I know just how easy it is for the memories to slip away.

Professional photography captures your newborn at their purest magical moment. Based in Sydney, top photographer Valerie Stanley specialises in newborn baby and maternity photography.

Sleeping Baby

Time Flies,
Little Ones Grow,
Faces Change

My Portfolio

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I have been photographing babies for over 10 years. I value creating something truly special for my clients. It's about producing unforgettable photographs of your baby and also creating memorable experiences for you parents.

My Style is special, Baby images that speak to you, that make you smile and remind you of those magic moments of life.

It has taken many years of training to master Newborn Photography. The first thing I focus on is your Baby well being and safety. My boutique studio in Randwick is the perfect environment for newborns and their sensitive nature.

The best part on the day of the photo shoot, you don't have to bring anything, I provided all the props. However make sure you bring your baby!

Please feel free to visit my Newborn Portfolio to view all my props and see my style of Newborn Photography.

Be aware that I only take a few newborn sessions a month, so don’t hesitate to contact me to avoid disappointment.

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Send an email directly from my contact page, please click on the link below: View Newborn Gallery
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Finding your maternity photographer is not easy. You probably don't feel 100%, a bit tired and uncomfortable with your growing belly. However beside your body changing we know there is beautiful baby arriving soon from an expecting mum. Motherhood is already so engrave in you and I want to show you through my lens how beautiful you are.

Pregnant women that come to me are not your typical experienced catwalk model. I believe it could be daunting to pose in front of a maternity photographer that you don’t know. Don’t worry I will guide you all the way. I am very specific with my directions so you will know exactly what to do during your maternity session.

Also, my Randwick studio is very cozy and intimate, you will feel at ease very quickly.

My style has been described as clean, simple and organic. I just want to show your shapes and to mix it with your emotions.

Clothing choices for a maternity session remain very simple. I do provide some dresses, scarves and cuts of material. Prior to the maternity session I will talk you through what you need to bring in addition to what I can provide.

Maternity sessions are often done between 34 to 37 weeks of pregnancy . However you can decide when you feel your belly looks round enough and simply beautiful to your own eyes.

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Send an email directly from my contact page, please click on the link below: View Maternity Gallery
Baby portfolio link

After the newborn stage (under two weeks old) older babies are best photographed when they are just starting to seat, but are not crawling.

Babies are usually bestrewn 6-10 months old, but it can vary from each child development.

I love children and they seem to love me back. Don't be scared and question how your little person will react on the day. It will be a fun session of play with this creamy friend Valerie.

Baby session always take place in the morning as this time babies are way more responsive and less tired. Sessions can also be quite short, as at this age babies get bored very quickly. Again clothing choices are very simple, no color or pattern. Pastel colors or just white are often the best to photograph with babies that age.

I am located in Randwick in the center of the Eastern Suburbs. So if we are neighbours, you wont have to travel far with your baby. My clients mostly comes from Randwick of course, but also from Coogee, Maroubra, Bondi, Alexandria, Surry Hills, Paddington, Woollarah, Waverley, Botany…And all around Sydney metro. However bare in mind the distance you wish to undertake with a newborn before booking your Newborn session, most importantly is the well being of your baby.

Happy to create special images for your baby and your family, so don't hesitate to contact me.

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Send an email directly from my contact page, please click on the link below: View Baby Gallery