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Valerie Stanley

Thank you for coming to my Website!

My name is Valerie, I am a French photographer living in Sydney, married to an Irish man with two amazing, loving, energetic little boys.

I became serious about my photography after my children were born. Capturing them while they were so little was very important to me. People have always told me how fast children grow, but I never understood how true that was until I saw them growing up. Memories fade, but photos last forever.

Taking photographs opens my creativity spirit. My camera lens is my eye to capture love and to tell your baby’s stories. I want to capture the wonderful moments that we all seem to take for granted. The tiny toes of a newborn, the sweet bond between siblings or simply the joy and love of parents bonding with their tiny creation.

I specialise in newborn photography in a relaxed and fun style portraiture. I feel so privileged to work with adorable babies and to meet them at such a young age.

I love children: their uniqueness, their innocence, their energy, their free spirit and character. I want my photographs to translate the joy, and the happiness that they bring us.

I hope you enjoy my work and feel the love.